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The Ups and Downs of being a Youth Organization

Being a youth organization comes with many different positives and negatives. We are currently working towards becoming a nonprofit, which requires a large amount of money, especially from donations. Being a relatively newer organization in Omaha, it is difficult to obtain large donations as well as attract different sponsors and members. However, by participating in community events such as Benson First Fridays and Dundee Days, we have been able to slowly but surely collect donations and add several members as well.

Another hardship our group has experienced is not being taken seriously by elected officials and other leaders in the Omaha area. As a youth organization, we are often looked past because of our age group--high school and college students. Our group has universally agreed that our voices matter and deserve to be heard, since it is our future we are trying to save. As previously mentioned, there are many struggles that come with being a new organization but knowing that we are speaking up and putting forth effort to stop climate change is rewarding in itself.


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