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Reflections on the 2019 Omaha Climate Strike

by Claire Benson, SFS Blogger

The 2019 Global Climate Strike took place during the week of September 20 through 27, with a turnout of 7.6 million people protesting for both climate justice and action across the world.

On September 20, Students For Sustainability and other individuals from around the Omaha metro area took part in this movement--the biggest mobilization against climate change in our history. There were 300+ people in attendance at the strike, which included people from all age groups, Adam Met from the pop band AJR, and several furry friends as well. At the strike, SFS President Cate Kelly discussed the importance of our fight against climate change and listed our group’s four demands which include: passing the state climate action plan, stopping the KXL pipeline, transitioning to regenerative agriculture, and harnessing our renewable energy potential.

The band AJR performed at Stir Cove in Council Bluffs during the night of September 20, which provided time during the day for band member Adam Met to speak at the event, where he further emphasized the need for climate justice. Omaha’s KETV Newswatch 7 was also present at the strike, where they interviewed Cate and reported on our reasoning for organizing and hosting the strike.

The incredible turnout at Omaha’s strike has further inspired SFS to continue to advocate and fight for action against climate change at a city, state, and national level; a fight that we will keep fighting until we win.


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