Our mission

We are a coalition of youth from across the city of Omaha fighting for our planet.

What We Fight For:

Climate Justice: Ensuring that the planet and all its inhabitants

are treated with respect and care, and that anyone who does intentional damage to the earth is held accountable for their actions. Climate justice has a foundation of Indigenous rights and legacies as well as racial justice and the acknowledgement of intersectional environmentalism. We work to meld these values into our organization and promote the rights and equalities of all people. 

Equity: Climate change will surely impact the most marginalized and impoverished among us. We fight to ensure that these communities are heard, seen, and included in the fight for the planet. We also want to make a just transition to sustainable practices one of our utmost priorities.

Holding Leaders Accountable:

Truthfully, our elected officials have been aware of the impending climate crisis for decades now, and have done little to nothing to prevent it, nor have they prepared in any way for the ecological disaster that their constituents will soon be subject to. We believe in holding politicians accountable, talking and acting with them to put planet over profit. 

Local, Sustainable Change and Improvement:

Real change begins at the grassroots level, and that is exactly what we are doing in Omaha! Our mission is to interact, advocate, and encourage our community to be more sustainable in every way. Our local actions are contributing to a larger global crisis that we all must fight to stop. 

Advocating for Environmental Policy and Legislation:

We know that using reusable straws and biking everywhere isn’t enough- we need systematic change, change that doesn’t allow for fossil fuel industries and corporations to continue to destroy our planet for their own greed. We support policy and legislation that will allow our city to be not only sustainable, but a happier and healthier place to live for everyone. 

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